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New Hampshire is in a position that has no precedent in the state’s history: all higher education educator preparation programs in the state, both public and private, have come together as a collaborative entity focused on the shared aim of program accountability. This consortium, the New Hampshire Institutions of Higher Education (NH IHE) Network, was formally created in 2011 and gained official 501 (c)(3) non-profit status in January 2014 (NH IHE Network, 2016).

The IHE Network includes educational professionals from all 13 NH teacher education programs. Working together, we have developed a common performance based assessment for Student Teachers to better prepare them for the classroom and to assist Teacher Educators in assessing their programs and candidates' capabilities.

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Join our unprecedented statewide collaboration of teacher educators as we strive to shape policy and influence the direction of the teacher preparation and evaluation process in New Hampshire. Together, we're embracing our own accountability in an effort to develop better teachers and promote K-12 student learning. 

Our organization fosters collaborative engagement between and among IHEs and public schools in New Hampshire to facilitate sustained professional learning opportunities.  As informed advocates for the teaching profession, we seek to promote innovative programs and policies that interconnect initial teacher preparation, new teacher induction, and on-going professional development. Our goal is to create a supportive and lifelong learning framework for teachers and other school professionals.

All Professional Educator Preparation Programs in New Hampshire are represented in the IHE Network and all faculty and Deans are encouraged to attend meetings.

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