About Us

The New Hampshire IHE Network was created with the primary aim of working collegially to influence policy makers and engage practitioners to promote innovative programs and policies that link initial educator preparation, new educator induction, and ongoing professional development in New Hampshire. Since the official inception of the Network in 2011, we have devoted our energies toward ensuring that all the New Hampshire educators we collectively prepare are equipped and inspired to foster high levels of achievement for all students. We believe the students of our program graduates must demonstrate success in their P-12 learning, as well as in their pursuit of college or careers.  

We believe that our success depends on our commitment and ability as a consortium to:

  • strengthen and sustain the relationship between educator preparation, educator evaluation, and P-12 student learning; 
  • assess the effectiveness of our programs and the effectiveness of the teachers with whom we work, and 
  • accurately convey what we do for stakeholders in the public, legislative, and statewide educational arenas.

With these challenges come new opportunities to influence the policy directions of New Hampshire and establish a clear presence of research-based practices in our schools. Our initiatives will readdress student engagement, teacher/principal collaboration, and more comprehensive view of accountability. Our research will foster reflection and self-assessment among teachers and school leaders while paying attention to student achievement measures, broadly defined. Our public communications will provide the accurate information that can heighten levels of respect and trust that public school educators enjoy from the citizens of their communities.  

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Monthly meeting of the IHE Network - consortium of Education Preparation Programs.